The Persian Experience: Uprooted from Iran with Sharona Mizrahi

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Sunday, February 28, 2021

12:00pm ET – 1:00pm ET

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In this part of “The Persian Experience” series, Sharona Mizrahi shares her personal story. Sharona was born in Kerman, Iran. Her great-grandparents came from Hamadan and Yazd. Sharona’s great-grandparents escaped the famine of 1917-1920 in Hamadan, the city mentioned in the Book of Esther as Hegmatana or Ekbatana, the capitol of the Persian Empire during Acheshverosh’s regime.

Sharona’s oldest brother, Kurosh, has traced her family’s lineage back six generations. Sharona attended public school in Iran until her first year of high school. Then in 1984, she, along with two sisters and one brother Z”L, escaped from Iran. One night in August, two weeks prior to Rosh Hashana, smugglers arrived in the middle of the night and the Mizrahi family dropped everything and left their house to escape.

In this talk, Sharona will give a brief history of her family and their one-year journey to the United States.

This program is presented by The American Sephardi Federation in partnership with the National Museum of American Jewish History.