From Telegram to Hyperlink: The Shneiderman Legacy with Ben Shneiderman

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday, May 21
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Step into the digital realm with us for an enthralling exploration of a family whose legacy is as diverse as it is influential. Ben Shneiderman, his uncle David (Chim) Seymour, as well as his parents Eileen and Samuel L. Shneiderman navigated varying paths but shared a common goal: to harness the technology of their times to document and disseminate pivotal world events to a wide and varied audience. This online gathering, an official Jewish American Heritage Month program, shines a spotlight on Ben Shneiderman, who will offer insights into his remarkable journey and the enduring legacy of his family- the interview will be moderated by Sandee Brawarsky. The Museum currently has an online exhibition dedicated to his family’s outsized impact on 20th century communications and technology. 

Join us for this special event as we celebrate the achievements and explore the contributions of this extraordinary American Jewish family, whose stories of resilience, innovation, and impact continue to inspire.

More About Ben Shneiderman’s Family
David Seymour, or Chim, used his technological and artistic savvy to capture the major personalities and events of the twentieth century in enduring photographs that appeared on the pages of journals and newspapers throughout the world. Seymour’s sister Eileen Shneiderman and her husband Samuel L. Shneiderman worked together as print journalists, sharing news with a worldwide network of Yiddish and English readers during an astonishingly long career. Their daughter, Helen Sarid, was raised in New York City but moved to Israel, where she taught English at Tel Aviv University. Their son, Ben Shneiderman, is a pioneering computer scientist who has championed human-centered design in technology. His research was essential to the invention of hyperlinks, which billions of people click every day, and more recently he is applying his skills to the conversation about artificial intelligence.

From the battlefields and courtrooms of the 20th century to the computer screens and classrooms of our time, each member of this family used communications and networking skills to document current events and advocate for the well-being of Jews around the world.

Learn more by visiting the Weitzman Museum’s virtual exhibition here.

More About The Moderator
Sandee Brawarsky is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. She has written several books, most recently 212 Views of Central Park: Experiencing New York’s Jewel from Every Angle. She curates cultural programs around New York City and online for many institutions, including The Jewish Museum, the Streicker Center, UJA-Federation, the Center for Jewish History and 92Y. For many years, she served as culture editor of The New York Jewish Week. She writes primarily about books, theatre, art and museums, special events and personalities from all walks of life, with a particular interest in creativity. Her essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Lancet, Hadassah, the PBS national website  and other publications, including the Encyclopedia Judaica. She has also done ghostwriting for business executives, Holocaust survivors, artists and others.