The Hamantaschen Monologues

Sunday, Mar 31, 2024

Sunday, March 31
7:00 pm ET Doors | 8:00 pm ET Program Starts
In Person at The Weitzman and Live on Zoom
Tickets – $18 In Person | Registration Required | 21+ Event 

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Recording available upon request.


We’re back for our fourth annual Hamantaschen Monologues! That’s right on March 31st, we’re back for another incredible night of storytelling about how our relationships to sex, sexuality, and bodies are informed and misinformed by Judaism.

Wait, what’s the Hamantaschen Monologues?

We’re going to fill you in on a lil secret: our favorite purim snack, the Hamantaschen, is not based on Haman’s ears or hat, but is actually historically associated with sex, sexuality, and bodies. That’s right, this WHOLE time when you were noshin’ on ‘tashin you’ve been salivating over Judaism’s most sultry secret. (Don’t take our word for it, ask HeyAlma!) While there are times when our 5,000-year-old tradition may be prudish, Purim most definitely is NOT then. It’s a time to masquerade, to unveil, to expose and give light to true selves and true stories.

Enters… The Hamantaschen Monologues! HamMons is live storytelling event about personal relationships to Judaism, sex, bodies, and sexuality. Now in our fourth year, we’ve brought together over 25 storytellers and 400+ listeners to embrace the tenderness, messiness, humor, and authenticity that is the Hamantaschen Monologues. We hope you join us.

This event is a 21+ space and open to speakers and listeners of all backgrounds, affiliations, gender identities, sexual orientations, bodies, and relationships to Judaism.

This year, in partnership with Tribe 12, we’re coming to you live from Philadelphia!

Partnering with Tribe 12, IKAR Tribe, JQ International, and the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, we’ll be coming to you LIVE from our main in-person event from Philadelphia, at our live Watch Party in LA, and virtually from anywhere across the country.

Philadelphians: join us in person for an incredible live event with drinks, music, and warmth.
Los Angelinos: we have a special watch party for you right in the neighborhood… hosted by the one and only Antonia Lassar!
Nationwide Audience: this will be live streamed all over the world. Get cozy & join us from anywhere.

About our ticket sales:

For Philly attendees: grab your ticket and don’t forget to add-on some merch! Refreshments provided.
For LA attendees: grab that ticket… it comes with a sweet sticker 🙂 Merch add-ons available.
For virtual folks: tuning in virtually is totally cost-free with an option of supporting the Hamantaschen community.

All funds go to support: our technological needs and platforms, nourishment (food!!) for our story coaches and storytellers, security for the event, and support staff to ensure our storytellers & listeners are safe, comfortable, and supported while navigating conversations around bodies, sex, and sexuality.

Location (Philadelphia) & Zoom Links (Virtual) will be emailed to attendees.

Presented in partnership with The Hamantaschen Monologues, Tribe 12, and the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History.